Highspeed Wireless Internet

Many of Salem Internet, Inc’s subscribers are customers simply looking for highly reliable service accompanied with affordable rates. If you are one of them then you have come to the right place! A highspeed wireless connection is entirely comparable to the speed of a cable modem or satellite signal and a number of customers have even remarked that, based on their experience with our service, they consider the signal to be “faster and more reliable”….

  • LTE

  • 6 mbps Download 2 mbps Upload
  • Allows surfing of the web, checking emails and will do limited video streaming.
  • LTE

  • 12 mbps Download 3 mbps Upload
  • Designed for video streaming for one device using standard definition settings in addition to the features of the Basic.
  • LTE

  • 18 mbps Download 4 mbps Upload
  • Allows additional video streaming and multiple users.
  • LTE

  • 25 mbps Download 5 mbps Upload
  • Designed for the professionals that need more bandwidth and has multiple devices being used at the same time.



Annual Pay Plans

Annual Pay Plans are available and include a one-month discount. Receive 12 Months of Internet for the price of 11 Months!

Referral Program

As an added value, if we obtain new customers through the referral of an existing customer, then the existing customer can qualify for a Referral Credit! So tell your friends and family about our great service and see how much you can save on your next bill!

Automatic Pay

The monthly Wireless Internet Service Fee can be automatically deducted from your checking account. Or you can click “Pay my Bill” below to pay with a credit card or debit card.

Pay my Bill

Download and Print the form below.
Return it to Salem Internet Inc. with a voided check.

Request Auto Pay


There is an installation fee that will be collected at the time the system is installed. The installation fee will be determined at the time a site survey is performed. The fee is determined by the difficulty of the installation and the first month of service. In most cases there is no equipment being purchased. Salem Internet Inc. provides the outdoor equipment and a wireless router.